In certain instances the leadout copper soldered joint to a transformer terminal block can become stressed and fracture. This normally occurs when the terminal is not adequately fixed in place to the mounting rail.

This allows the terminal to move sideways during customer connection and can cause the soldered joint to deteriorate.

Fortunately there are solutions to this problem.

Firstly a pair of terminal stops can be placed at each end of the row of terminals which locks them into position. These stops can be applied to any rail in the ASCO range. Terminal stops can be sourced from ASCO. Our part reference is CBSTOP.

The other solution is to fit the terminal onto a rail with built-in movement inhibitors. ASCO can offer a range of Nylon rails for lamination patterns EI75, EI84, EI96, EI120 and EI150N.

The diagram shows how the terminals fit onto the rails and also shows the locators for perfect lamination alignment.

Nylon Terminal Rails



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